International literary competition “HARMFUL IMPACT OF AMBROSIA’’

  • Within the scope of the “Support to Allergen-Free Environment” project (SAFE), ref. no. HUSRB/1002/122/195, the City of Sombor is organising an international art competition “Harmful Impact of Ambrosia’’

    Dear students,

    Help the adults to eradicate ambrosia and save your and their health!

    Ambrosia is a very harmful weed and one of the most notorious and dangerous allergens. It came from America, on ocean liners, in the late 19th century and it has been constantly spreading throughout Europe, endangering the lives of all its citizens. It is particularly harmful in the blossoming period, i.e. between July and September. It is destroyed by mowing and herbicides, while the most efficient method is uprooting.

    We invite you to contribute to the ambrosia eradication campaign by submitting your art works, thus improving the quality of the environment we live and work in.

    Ten most successful works will be published on, while the best three will also receive prizes!



    Duration: The competition is open between 10th March 2013 and 10th June 2013 at 12 p.m.

    Eligible participants: Primary school pupils from Vojvodina, the Republic of Serbia and the Bacs-Kiskun County (Hungary).

    Topic: “Ambrosia – health hazard“

    Type of eligible entries: Prose or poetry
    Word count: The entry should not be longer than two A4 pages (not more than 4,000 characters)

    The following information is required:
    Date and year of birth:
    Phone number:
    School name and address:
    Note: the submitted works without the accompanying information shall not be taken into consideration. The information is to be submitted in a sealed envelope, together with the work.

    How to apply: The works should be sent in a envelope to the following address - Grad Sombor, Trg Cara Uroša br. 1, 25000 Sombor, with “ZA KONKURS „ŠTETNOST AMBROZIJE’’” clearly labelled on the envelope.

    Limitations: Each applicant may submit only one work.

    Choosing the winner: All works submitted by the deadline will be assessed and the expert jury will select 10 best works, which will all receive certificates of participation in the competition within the scope of the international project and they will be published on The top three will also receive prizes..

    Annoucing the results: The certificate award ceremony will be held on 15th June and the authors of selected works will be informed directly and in a timely manner. The ceremony will be attended by authors of all works selected as 10 best ones.

    Note: The works submitted shall not be returned to the authors, but they will remain in the City of Sombor Council, so that they could be posted on the web-site. The authors retain no right for compensation if their works are reproduced on web-sites, publications, posters, etc.

    This competition is part of the “Support to Allergen-Free Environment” project, ref. no. HUSRB/1002/122/195.

    This competition is financially supported by the European Union. The City of Sombor is solely responsible for the content of the competition, which does not reflect the official position of the European Union and/or Directorate.

    Preuzmite propozicije konkursa u PDF formatu

    8.3. 2013.

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